Nightly picnic at Moon Lake Park (NEW DATE!)

Meeting friends in the evening at Laowaitan is fun! But have you ever been to the Moon Lake Park at night? Can you imagine how beautiful and special it is?

If the answer to both questions is “no” then meet us at the KFC in Gulou this upcoming Saturday (May 21st) Wednesday (May 25th) at 9pm! If the answer is “yes”: write a comment! 😉

As we are going to have a picnic it would be great if you can bring some snacks – or at least a bunch of drinks! 😀

update: during this unique event we will also hold the first “Beatbox & Baijou Session”! So put on your hoody, bring a bottle of baijou and get ready for a unforgettable night in the park!

See you there, nightingale! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nightly picnic at Moon Lake Park (NEW DATE!)

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  2. The lantern in the Attic…

    A good evening party at the moon lake would not be completed without burning some lanterns and raise some necks following little lights in the sky…

    The place to buy it is the little pavillion selling drinks on the south east part of the northen lake (a bit of attention please!), not far from the “making u dizzy” bridge…

    The owner gonna give the precious lanterns (and help u to burn it usualy) after a little talk and a “hide and seek” in the attic…

    Usualy we see many chinese burning them in summer, it’s high time to inaugurate the sunny days!

    See u perhaps this evening!

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