My vagina is…


• You must write the sentence “My vagina is….” filling it in with an adjective that starts with the letter A.
• You may not post twice in a row.
• Once someone posts an adjective after you, you are free to post again.
• Once there have been no posts for 9+ hours, we will move onto the next letter of the alphabet.
• For the person who leaves the last comment for any given letter or who writes the same word a second time will be then be rightfully punished by downing a beer followed by a shot witnessed by at least two other participants.
Get creative, pretend you’re an intellectual, and don’t be shy!
Have fun.

239 thoughts on “My vagina is…

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  2. leo i am afraid that next time we see you, you my friend have to down a pint followed by a shot. as the rules state you cant repeat a word. too late!!!

      • hahahaha yes, yes, yes this means she lost. But I’m sure it’s not because she didn’t notice. I’m sure she saved me because she loves me 😉

    • I think that according to the new rule
      *the last person to post no longer drinks, everyone that was involved in that letters posts must drink.
      correct me if i’m wrong but that means you and Leo have a pint and shot with your names on.????

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