Patrick’s Farewell Patry

Pictures say more than 1,000 words! 🙂

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Drawing Jam

Creative minds unite!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to participate in the drawing jam, but I assure you, this was probably for the better! Although the Chinese think I’m super special because I’m left handed, my left hand is in fact completely handicapped when it comes to drawing, writing legibly, etc etc.  But, for those of you who did participate and who have at least an ounce of talent, I’m impressed because the final products turned out great! Enjoy! =)

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Today (May 29) we are going to have another D.E.LICICIOUS China experience:


We meet at EF (English First) Jiangdong (No.960, Zhongshan Donglu) at 8:30pm and then walk over to the HotPot restaurant called Xiao Feiyang (小肥羊) on Baizhang Lu (next to the Yinzhou People Hospital 鄞州人民医院旁边)

Bring your friends, beloved ones and who ever is hungry!


Patrick’s Farewell Dinner @ Brazilian BBQ

There comes a time in life when you have to say “Goodbye!”

But there’s exactly two good things about it:

a) there’s a farewell party

b) you’ll see each other twice in life

So here’s the deal:

Come to the Brazilian BBQ Restaurant “Picanha” on Thursday (May 26) 7pm and enjoy a fantastic night with us! The food is outstanding (All-You-Can-Eat for approx. 100RMB) and the owner always picks the right tracks to keep the hips swinging afterward!

Later on that night we’ll do a “bar crawl” at Laowaitan and end this party-night with watching the sun rise over the river!

So get ready for an unforgettable party night and SUIT UP! 😀

Dress code: chique

Everybody’s welcome!

See you, folks!

Potluck Dinner!!

Hey Everyone! I’m hosting a potluck dinner at my place Monday evening at 7pm.  I’m hoping for this to be a proper meal and not snack time, so be creative, give the chinese barbecues and noodle kitchens a break for a night, and break out your rusty international cooking skills! 🙂 Please bring whatever you want to drink (all forms of very strong alcohol are acceptable) and something to eat for everyone to share! I’m making a cheesecake! So, cross your fingers that tonight’s cooking session will be successful so I don’t have to go to the chinese bakery to buy fancy bread disguised as cake tomorrow! 😉 Continue reading