Ningbo Night Rider (Part I)

Here are the pics from the first Ningbo Night Rider

The next ride will be in approx. 2 weeks!

For more information check out:


Thanks to Nick for organizing the great ride!

See ya next time

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Ningbo Night Rider

This Friday, May 20th, will mark the first of Ningbo’s organized (monthly?) communal bike rides.  The organizers are looking for something that resembles Critical Mass without the fighting with traffic part. The event is free and everyone without a motorized vehicle is welcome, unless you customized yours.

Instead of writing a press release of sorts, the organizers have a list, mostly of rules. The rules are simple:

  • Gather
  • Ride
  • At Night
As this event is not hosted by me, and as I’ve already stolen all this poetically written material from the Ningbo Guide website, I will now provide you with the link to read the rest of the details and to see a map! 🙂 Because we must ride our bikes to Yinzhou, and then back to Laowaitan, let us know if you want to join us around 8:30pm in Jiangdong to ride to Yinzhou together!  Click here for the super special info!

A New Bike in Town

For the past six months, I’ve contemplated whether buying a bike was truly an essential necessity or merely a materialistic  desire.  I’ve asked myself on a daily basis if I would really use it that often.  Considering that I live right next to my job, would it ever leave my apartment?  Then, if I do buy one, how much of a risk am I running that it will be stolen? or that it will break shortly after buying it?  On top of all of this, the buses are so convenient and I even have my shiny, blue bus pass!

Well, it only took one random night bike ride around Ningbo with a directionally challenged friend (Claire), and two small loops around Laowaitan with Patrick’s beautiful, make-you-take-a-double-take mountain bike to convince me that yes, indeed, a bike is a necessity. Continue reading