A Chinese Sunday

“When in China – do as the Chinese!” And one thing every Chinese is doing: drinking tea!For the coffea-junks among us:

Tea is the agricultural product of the leaves, leaf buds, and internodes of various cultivars and sub-varieties of the Camellia sinensis plant, processed and cured using various methods. […] After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavour which many enjoy. […]

The usage of tea as a beverage was first recorded in China, with the earliest records of tea consumption with records dating back to the 10th century BC.” [source]

To sum it up: 3000 years of Chinese tea culture and more than 1 billion active tea-drinkers each day can’t be wrong! It’s time to find out more about the history and all the different kinds of tea! And which place could be better for this than the Ningbo Tea Museum (http://nb-teaculture.com/) at the Moon Lake Park?

Meet us at the Ningbo Tea Museum this Sunday (May 22nd) at 4pm!

Another thing Chinese youngsters do and love: Party! 😉

Those of you who have been to a Chinese Club before know what that means: playing drinking-games, drinking, enjoying earpiercing loud music  and shaking it off on the “shaking dancefloor”. And you can be part of that! 😉

Meet us at TNT (this Sunday – May 22nd) at 9pm

For those of you who are looking forward to join the whole “A Chinese Sunday”-Session (Tea Museum + TNT): after the “Tea Session” we are going to have dinner at a Chinese Restaurant nearby (around 7pm) and then head to TNT (which is very close by)!

It’s gonna be LEDGENDARY!!! 😀


Nightly picnic at Moon Lake Park (NEW DATE!)

Meeting friends in the evening at Laowaitan is fun! But have you ever been to the Moon Lake Park at night? Can you imagine how beautiful and special it is?

If the answer to both questions is “no” then meet us at the KFC in Gulou this upcoming Saturday (May 21st) Wednesday (May 25th) at 9pm! If the answer is “yes”: write a comment! 😉

As we are going to have a picnic it would be great if you can bring some snacks – or at least a bunch of drinks! 😀

update: during this unique event we will also hold the first “Beatbox & Baijou Session”! So put on your hoody, bring a bottle of baijou and get ready for a unforgettable night in the park!

See you there, nightingale! 🙂

Ningbo Night Rider

This Friday, May 20th, will mark the first of Ningbo’s organized (monthly?) communal bike rides.  The organizers are looking for something that resembles Critical Mass without the fighting with traffic part. The event is free and everyone without a motorized vehicle is welcome, unless you customized yours.

Instead of writing a press release of sorts, the organizers have a list, mostly of rules. The rules are simple:

  • Gather
  • Ride
  • At Night
As this event is not hosted by me, and as I’ve already stolen all this poetically written material from the Ningbo Guide website, I will now provide you with the link to read the rest of the details and to see a map! 🙂 Because we must ride our bikes to Yinzhou, and then back to Laowaitan, let us know if you want to join us around 8:30pm in Jiangdong to ride to Yinzhou together!  Click here for the super special info!

Bucket list (Part II)

The 50 days mentioned in the bucket list quickly turned into 15 days and here’s the “time and action plan’ for the remaining days:











Ningbo Night Rider





update: Sunbathing in Moon Lake Park / Ningbo Tea Museum (to have some good tea) by day.TNT by night.





updateKTV the WBZD’s style Part 4



updateNightly picnic at Moon Lake Park/ Ningbo University feat. Beatbox & Baijou Session



Patrick’s Farewell Dinner @ Brazilian BBQ





update: 80’s Party at Music House



update: HotPot DELUXe





update: Drawing Jam (draw for 5 min & then swap papers)



If you have any further ideas how to fill the empty days: let us know!

Nothing is impossible!

We can sleep once we are dead! 😉


You thought that you are fully equipped to survive in the urban jungle of Ningbo(especially the chilly nights in winter) – have a look at the items below and see if you can round up your Ningbo survival kit with the well-preserved, high-quality gear that served me well! 🙂

Suggested prices are rough guidelines and finally subject to fair and honest negotiations!

Mass discounts will be granted!

First come –first served!

MERIDA MOUNTAIN BIKE “DUKE” [update: belongs to Ivan now!]
High-quality brand
Very durable
Same like this one: link
Only 9 months old (Original price: 1880 RMB)
PLUS: The bikeshop at Baizhang Lu, no.150 (FOREVER BIKES) offers a perfect service: once they see you coming in with that bike they take it off of you and maintain it! They fix flat tires, inflate them, adjust the gear, put oil on the chain and and and FOR FREE! That’s a perfect servic – which you will enjoy too!
The bike has some signs of usage (little scratches) but the function is 100% alright!
I also have mud protection and a locker (incl. spare key)
Suggested price: 1000RMB
My beloved accordion
Antique, Shanghainese accordion
When you look at it you immediately feel the nostalgia of the 40s when my former owner made a living with this genuine instrument! I don’t know how I can continue my life without it but there is no space to take it with me back home! 😦
Midea Heater [update: back in the game!]
Chinese electricity plug
1.5m power cable
Easy movable (4 rolls)
2 modes (half & full power)
heats up the room in minutes
almost new (only 4 months old)
(incl. Chinese manual)
Suggested price: 200RMB
Electric steam iron (Panasonic)
3 different steam modes
almost new
(incl. English manual)
Suggested price: 200RMB
Iron board
Top: 120 x 45cm
almost new
Suggested price: 150RMB

SPECIAL: Buy the electric steam iron & the iron board together and get a pan for free! 🙂

Hair dryer (Povos)
Chinese electricity plug
1.5m power cable
Handy – also good for travel
almost new
Suggested price: 150RMB
Blender (JOYOUNG) [update: belongs to Helen now!]
Chinese electricity plug
1.5m power cable
Easy to clean (collapsible: see picture)
crushes ice easy as ABC 😀
almost new(only 3 months old)
Suggested price: 180RMB
Bed cushion/layer [update: belong to Graham & Agya now!]
3 pieces (different design)
to make the typical Chinese mattress (wooden plate) comfortable
queen-size (190x150cm)
Material: 100% cotton
Brown style: removable cover (washable)
Thickness: approx. 5cm
Suggested price: 150RMB /each

SPECIAL: Buy 3 (bed cushions/layer) – pay only for 2!

King-size blanket (VIOLET)
High-quality brand
Size: 200x230cm
Material: 100% cotton
even in the coldestNingbonights (winter) you’ll have a convenient, warm sleep with this blanket
8 hooks to connect with the bedclothes
Suggested price: 300RMB
High-quality pillow (KASEN) [update: belongs to a co-worker now!]
Material: cold foam (very soft and comfotable touch)
Size: normal pillow size
S-shape (perfect for side and back sleepers)
Suggested price: 200RMB
Bedclothes (I forgot the brand name but I remember that I spend more than 800 RMB)
High-quality brand
Material: 100% cotton
2 pillow cases
1 duvet cover (200 x 230cm)
1 bedsheet (200 x 230cm)
Nice, fashionable design
Soft, nice handfeel
Suggested price: 400RMB

SPECIAL: Buy the blanket, pillow and bedclothes together for 600RMB 500RMB!

Size: 150x190cm
Material: 100% cotton
Suggested price: 150RMB
High-quality pillow
Material: down
Size: normal pillow size
Regular pillow shape
Suggested price: 100RMB

SPECIAL: Buy the blanket and the High-quality pillow together and get suitable bedclothes (100% micro polyester) FOR FREE!

IKEA blanket
Size: 170 x 130cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Colour: black
Suggested price: 100RMB
HDMI cable
to connect your PC/Mac to another screen/TV/projector
1.5 meters
Colour: grey
Suggested price: 50RMB

Every shopper will get something on top for free (a DVD, a magazine, something out of the fridge, etc.) 😉

If you are interested please comment below or call me!

Many thanks

KTV the 我不知道’s style

Update: Bring sunglasses, hats, instruments (like trumpets) and other funky stuff (baijou, etc) ! 😉

Next Thursday, May 5 we’re heading to KTV again for another legendary party! Everyone knows by now what KTV with the 我不知道’s means, and if you don’t, it’s about time you stopped by to find out just how much talent we can cram into one room!

We’ll meet next Thursday (May 5) at 9pm at the Drum Tower (Gulou) as usual!

Bring your friends, invite anyone you randomly meet on the way, and get ready for another action-packed, bootylicious, cosmopolitan, delicious, exotic, fanatical, glamorous party with the 我不知道’s!….or is that my vagina?…

Here you can see how much fun we had last time: KTV the 我不知道’s style (April 2011)

May Day Trip!

The camping equipment will be 100yuan per person including the tent, a mattress, and a sleeping bag! Thank you Janet! 🙂

We’ll meet at the North Bus Station (near Laowaitan)  at 5:50AM for the bus to leave at 6:10AM! I’m not sure of the price, but it will be a little over 2 hours to arrive in Zhoushan.  We’ll then take the ferry to Putuoshan Island.

We may have a small crew of people hitting the bars Saturday night with our bags in hand to head straight to the bus station.  Feel free to join us! 😉

Because Putuoshan is a national park, there will be 160yuan fee just to go to the island.  Hopefully they won’t increase this for the holiday weekend!

I’ll buy all the alcohol tomorrow and everyone can give me money for both this and the camping equipment Sunday!

See you all very soon!