Labor Day Parade to Putuoshan!

This is the uncensored truth about the Labor Day Parade to Putuoshan!

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After another rough night at Laowaitan we met at 6am without any sleep! “The show must go on!” and so we hit the road by bus towards the Pacific coast! Around 8am we reached the bus station on Zhoushan Island and were carried by cabs to Shenjiamen ferry port to set over to Putuoshan!

The boat ride took 20 minutes and we took a mini bus to the 1000-step-beach where we set up our camp! While building up the tents the first “Baijou-Sunrises” were mixed and the beach-party vibe started off!

We spend the day in the sun on the beach, went swimming and had a BLAST!

After the sun disappeared we lid up a bonfire next to our tents at the beach, listening to the sound of the ocean and enjoyed a delicious dinner at the fire!

The next day some of us had to go back to Ningbo and the rest of the gang explored the cultural sights of Putuoshan!

Bottom line: we worked hard on Labor Day and had a BLAST!!!!


One thought on “Labor Day Parade to Putuoshan!

  1. Hey there, we’re planning to go to Putuoshan on 9th & 10th of July from Shanghai – but we’re a little confused as to how to get there! A few people have told us that we can drive all the way, but others have told us we need to drive to Ningbo and then get a ferry?
    If you can let me know how best to get there, and also where is best to camp on 1000 step beach I’d be really grateful!!

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