May Day Trip!

The camping equipment will be 100yuan per person including the tent, a mattress, and a sleeping bag! Thank you Janet! 🙂

We’ll meet at the North Bus Station (near Laowaitan)  at 5:50AM for the bus to leave at 6:10AM! I’m not sure of the price, but it will be a little over 2 hours to arrive in Zhoushan.  We’ll then take the ferry to Putuoshan Island.

We may have a small crew of people hitting the bars Saturday night with our bags in hand to head straight to the bus station.  Feel free to join us! 😉

Because Putuoshan is a national park, there will be 160yuan fee just to go to the island.  Hopefully they won’t increase this for the holiday weekend!

I’ll buy all the alcohol tomorrow and everyone can give me money for both this and the camping equipment Sunday!

See you all very soon!


8 thoughts on “May Day Trip!

  1. It’s definitely not a cocktail, so please come prepared.

    And the chances of rain are 40% on both days. Unless there is a 90% chance of a typhoon hitting Putuoshan, the party must go on!

  2. I just found out I have to be back by 16:30 on monday! Do you think I can make it? How long will it take from Putuoshan to Ningbo? Anyways, I just bought a sleeping bag!
    And, please, remember your safety for the non-drinking sex on the beach – or in the tent…

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