Ningbo Taxi rider’s rights

As a taxi rider, you have the rights below:

Direct drive to your destination and no compulsory car pooling
Go to any destination in and beyond Ningbo
Your car driver knows the streets in Ningbo and the way to major destinations in Ningbo;
Your driver should know and abide by all traffic laws;
Air-conditioning on demand;
A radio-free trip;
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area;
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger;
No Tip



One thought on “Ningbo Taxi rider’s rights

  1. This is honestly on an official ‘tour china’ website about Ningbo? I want this text translated promptly for me to secretly stash in my purse so that I can whip it out at any given point during my insane taxi rides around Ningbo, just to see their reaction, of course. But, come to think of it, if they weren’t breaking all these rules, life just wouldn’t be as exciting in Ningbo, now would it?

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