Potluck Dinner!!

Hey Everyone! I’m hosting a potluck dinner at my place Monday evening at 7pm.  I’m hoping for this to be a proper meal and not snack time, so be creative, give the chinese barbecues and noodle kitchens a break for a night, and break out your rusty international cooking skills! 🙂 Please bring whatever you want to drink (all forms of very strong alcohol are acceptable) and something to eat for everyone to share! I’m making a cheesecake! So, cross your fingers that tonight’s cooking session will be successful so I don’t have to go to the chinese bakery to buy fancy bread disguised as cake tomorrow! 😉

Everyone is invited, but please comment to let me know you’re coming and what you’re bringing so we don’t end up with 95 salads and 1 dessert! Also, I have a big kitchen and an oven so feel free to use anything you want at my place!

I live just next to the EF Jiangdong school, but let me know if you need a text with my address! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night!


2 thoughts on “Potluck Dinner!!

  1. hey,
    I would love to come, i can make and bring a spicy spinich and potato soup.
    please let me know the address, as i have no idea where that is!!

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