A New Bike in Town

For the past six months, I’ve contemplated whether buying a bike was truly an essential necessity or merely a materialistic  desire.  I’ve asked myself on a daily basis if I would really use it that often.  Considering that I live right next to my job, would it ever leave my apartment?  Then, if I do buy one, how much of a risk am I running that it will be stolen? or that it will break shortly after buying it?  On top of all of this, the buses are so convenient and I even have my shiny, blue bus pass!

Well, it only took one random night bike ride around Ningbo with a directionally challenged friend (Claire), and two small loops around Laowaitan with Patrick’s beautiful, make-you-take-a-double-take mountain bike to convince me that yes, indeed, a bike is a necessity.  I now take the bus multiple times a day and am sick of this “we’ll show up when we feel like it” bus schedule.  Sometimes I’m 15 minutes early to meet people and sometimes I’m 30 minutes late, all depending upon when the bus decided to cruise past my current location.

So, it only took a few short days to find a fantastic used-bike website in which I found the perfect fit for me.  Pictured above, you’ll see my newest purchase in all its glory.  It is equipped with a 25,000 Watt boombox, 7″ chrome rims with spinning spokes, a A1000 BaiJou holder, and a 25L handlebar basket fit to hold all you desire.  A “Honk If You’re Horny” sticker will be placed on the back of the helmet container as soon as the special shipment arrives from the USA.  As this purchase is new, I won’t be able to accommodate everyone’s requests for a cruise around town, but please comment below with your preferred date and time and I’ll do my best to fulfill your wildest desires! In case of an urgent request, please call 0800 RIDEMEHARDDADDY.


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