V-DAY 2011 (April 14th)

V-DAY 2011V-Day is a global activist movement to stop gendered violence against women and men! In UNNC since 2009 the V-Day event has taken the form of an evening of reading from books of texts called “A MEMORY, A MONOLOGUE, A RANT AND A PRAYER”.

The 我不知道’s gonna support this event by participating in the reading, photographing and attenting the gathering at Janet’s Joint on April 14th, 7:30 pm (30 RMB-will be donated!). The more people join the more aweness can be spread! So come and join!


Host of this evening is Janine Evans-Polard (Janine.Evans-Pollard[at]nottingham.edu.cn) and for more details please check out the V-Day homepage

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One thought on “V-DAY 2011 (April 14th)

  1. haha, we really had a good time. I don’t wanna to look greedy but honestly I wanna all of them. Your good photos can help me to remember this fantastic night! And I believe other members would like to have them like me! Therefore, if you could email me all of these pictures(probably in a compressed package), I could then email to the others.
    I will appreciate them a lot! Thank you!

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