Trip to Tea Mountain

What started as a simple idea of doing a trip quickly aroused interest in various minds and ended up to be the first SPRING TRIP 2011 to rural Ningbo of the 我不知道’s.

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After a wicket party night at the “le cargo” we met at Janet’s Joint (JJ’s) early in the morning (9am!). Hands on the job we prepared our picnic meals ourselves and then squeezed into Freddie’s Van and hit the road! Fresh tunes brought the hangover mood of some to a new level and around noon we reached the parking lot of tea mountain (20km south east of Ningbo City).

A minibus brought us up to the peak and pale faces were mirroring the funky driving skills of the soulless minibus driver! 🙂

The stunning beauty of the landscape resulted in comments like  “Wow, this is awesome!” and “I can’t believe that we have such beautiful places that close to Ningbo City!” …followed by cries of astonishment  “Paul!…Paul! Are you sleeping again?” 🙂

The mountain air called up some grueling hunger! So we decided to have our picnic before exploring the wild! Our picnic spot was nothing less than a huge rock above the main road and the food was extremely delicious!

Strengthened again, we then hiked through huge tea plantations, flanking forest and all the way down to the Phoenix Lake where the hardened guys took a bath in the freezing cold water.

Next to the lake we then relaxed on a wooden peer and soaked up the beneficent sun rays until we hit the road again in the minibus – which really turned some sensitive stomachs upside down! The drifting skills were huge and water skiing-styles were performed on the seat’s handrail in each and every curve! 🙂

By sunset we reached JJ’s again and chilled out a bit in our “new home”. Paul fell asleep the 16th time during the day while sitting on the drawing table which caused another huge laughter!

One thing for sure: we had a blast and this was just the beginning!

Watch out -the 我不知道’s are in town! 😀


2 thoughts on “Trip to Tea Mountain

  1. Patrick! We need a slideshow of “sleeping Paul” !! There must be at least 15 positions we caught him sleeping in! 🙂 🙂

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